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Christmas Festival

Event Sound, Lighting & Staging Supplied by The Music Workshop

Audio System

Front of House

16 x D.A.S Audio Aero 20a

12 x D.A.S Audio LX-218CA Subwoofer

4 x D.A.S Avant 12a Front Fill

Controlled VIA D.A.S Net

FOH Console - Sound Craft VI4


6 x D.A.S Road 12A Active Wedge

1 x D.A.S Avant 118a Active Subwoofer 1 x Avant 12a Active Mid-Hi Drum Fill

Monitors Console - Soundcraft SI Expression 3

Lighting System

12 x Par64

8 x Martin Mac 250 Wash

8 x Martin Mac 500 Profile

28 x LED Pixel Bar

1 x Martin Stage Haze


DW Collectors Drum Kit

Ampeg Classic With 8x10 Cabinet

Fender Twin

Fender Deville

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