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IT Festival 2016

IT Festival 2016 featuring Dragon , Hipstamatics, 5K & JPG

Working along side dragons engineer was great providing a great mix.

He had these words to say.

"The production & crew at 2016 IT festival were fantastic. Great gear a very knowledgable & helpful crew. Hope to work together soon" - Shane Jerome Dragon FOH Engineer

Audio System

Front Of House

16 x D.A.S Aero 20a Main Hangs

4 x D.A.S Avant 12a Front Fill

12 x D.A.S Aero LX-218CA

2 x D.A.S DSP-2060 .Net Racks


6 x D.A.S Road 12a

1 x D.A.S Avant 118a + Avant 12a Drum Fill


Sound Craft Vi 4 Front Of House

Sound Craft Si Expression 3 Monitors

Back Line

DW Collectors Drum Kit & Hardware

Ampeg Classic With 8x10 Cabinet

Fender Twin

Fender Deville

Vox AC30

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