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Fritter Festival 2016

Featuring outstanding sounds from Katchafire, The Jordan Luck Band, Tiki Taane and Hipstamatics with local support from Otium, 5K, The Avenues and the Gold Cloaks.

Using the Aero 40A Main Hangs and the Aero 20a Front Fill with D.A.S LX-218CA Subwoofers.

"what can i say the system supplied high definition audio coverage of toll stadium without issues" -Justin Timms - Systems Engineer

Audio System

Front of house

16 x D.A.S Aero 40a Main hangs

4 x D.A.S Aero 20a Front Fill

12 x D.A.S Aero LX-218CA Subwoofer

DSP Via D.A.S.Net System

Front Of House Consoles

Main Stage Sound Craft Vi4

Second Stage Yamaha PM3000 with our premium racks.

Monitor System Main Stage

6 x D.A.S Road 12a

1 x D.A.S Avant 118a + Avant 12A Drum Fill

1 x D.A.S Aero LX-218CA + 1 D.A.S Avant 215a Side Fill (per side)

Console Sound Craft SI Expression 3

Monitor Stage Second Stage

4 x D.A.S Avant 12A

1 x D.A.S Avant 118a + Avant 12A Drum Fill

Console Sound Craft SI Compact 32

Lighting System

4 x Martin Mac 250 Wash

1 x Martin Stage Hazer


Control AVO Light Pearl Expert

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